Zylinc's solutions are adaptable to the needs and existing systems of any  business or organization. See how some leading companies have achieved  increased efficiency and improved customer service by implementing Zylinc solutions.

ABB - Easy everyday with new integrated telephonysystem

“Our Zylinc solutions are fully integrated in our company's phone system. It's just there and it works perfectly”


Docrates Hospital invests in its patients

Over a period of a couple of months the investment had paid for itself. It has been of the greatest importance to us that our clients get the best service when they call us said Ville Kanninen.


Saxo Bank improving customer support

"It was definitely a worthwhile investment, not only because of improved service to the customers and enhanced support to each employee, but also in purely economic terms"


Zylinc important in Sydbank's Unified Communications solution

Customer service has high priority, so Zylinc Contact Center has come to include many features that help deliver high level service, explains Carsten Toftegaard, Head of Department in Sydbank and responsible for the external hotline.


Zylinc - a strategic choice for Toyota Danmark

"We made a corporate decision to replace all fixed line phones and instead use iPhone as the company phone for every-one", says Peter Nyborg Madsen, IT coordinator, responsible for Toyota Danmark phone solutions.