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ABB about Zylinc

“We highly appreciate the solutions which Zylinc has integrated in our phonesystem. While we have so many departments throughout the country and our Notes server is based in Germany, it has not been an easy assignment but it has all worked out satisfactory”, says IS Project Engineer Finn Nøhr, ABB A/S.

Finn Nøhr has the technical responsibility for ABB´s phone systems and for the daily operating of the company’s IT. 

“Overall we have a good solution that works”, continues Finn Nøhr. “The best compliment to the system is actually that you hardly notice it. It is simply just present and it works impeccable. It is also appreciated by the employees.

“Our Zylinc solutions are fully integrated in our company's phone system. It's just there and it works perfectly”

Personally I appreciate the group call functionality. It is so easy and quick to call even numbers which you e.g. find registered in an e-mail. It is rather impressive and a more elegant way to access data than for all databases to include at phone number field.
The contentment is so well founded that ABB considers expanding their unified communications solution with a Zylinc call center solution.
- I mean, it would be an ideal solution to e.g. our salesoffice, concludes Finn Nøhr.

ABB in Danmark

Is part of the International technology concern ABB. The company delivers technological knowhow and components to industrial companies, that wish to increase their productivity and lower their use of energy in an efficient and environmental way.
The Danish department has approximately 800 employees allocated to different departments around the country. More than a year ago ABB implemented a range of Zylinc solutions, namely the Absence, Dial and Time applications.
The ABB concern operates in approximately countries and employs about 110.000 people. The concerns Danish origin is dated more than 100 years back to Thrige and Titan A/S.