have been
supplied to
more than 
1.5 million users

This is why businesses with many customer contacts choose Zylinc to enrich their IP telephony solution regardless of platform.

On average more than one out of three calls is in vain! *

Zylinc solutions increase customer satisfaction and productivity through: 

  • No lost calls
  • No time wasted by dialing
  • Always knowing which colleagues are accessible for answering the phone
  • Easy real time access to calendars of colleagues
  • Efficient switching
  • All customer data at hand when the phone rings
  • Optimal customer service

Zylinc solutions cut on average 25 seconds off each call - on a yearly basis that makes savings of approximately 1,800 Euros for each employee.

Zylinc has supplied more than 70.000 business solution licenses and more than 1.5 million infrastructure licenses to customers like Sydbank, ABB, Danish Radio, DONG, Novo Nordisk, B&O, Rolls Royce, Riks Skatteverket. Økonomistyrelsen, Air France, H&M, as well as a substantial number of local municipalities.

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*36% according to Gartner Group.