BroadSoft Inc. - leading provider of Broadworks

BroadSoft, Inc. is an American company listed on NASDAQ (ticker: BSFT). BroadSoft has over a period of ten years positioned itself, in collaboration with a large number of the leading telecoms in the world, as the leading provider of a standardized platform, BroadWorks, facilitating hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

BroadWorks integrate VoIP applications on a standardized platform, making it simple for telecoms to establish hosted VoIP and offer this as a cloud-based service to customers over the web. 

BroadSoft has alliances with Ericsson, Italtel and Lucent, which distribute the BroadWorks platform to telecom service providers on a global basis. These alliance partners have contributed to the vast and rapid dissipation of BroadWorks.

BroadWorks offers stability and scalability, making the platform ideal for telecoms to establish cloud-based hosted VoIP services. Up to 8 million users can be hosted on a single 32 server cluster.

This is a major reason for BroadWorks being adopted by more than 425 telecoms, among these 15 of the largest service providers in the world in 65 different countries in 25 different languages: e.g. Verizon, BellSouth, Telstra, SingTel, MCI, T-Systems, Sprint Nextel, Korea Telecom, Telefonica, France Telecom and TDC.

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