TDC Scale

Benefits for the customers

Zylinc bridges BroadWorks and the enterprise IT infrastructure, providing full switching and attendant console facilities, and enabling synchronization of AD/calendar with the Broadworks Directory information. This way, Zylinc is solving the traditional problem associated with hosted solutions – integration with calendar, directory, CRM and other IT systems and databases.

Rather than buying, maintaining and integrating VoIP and unified communications products from various suppliers and operating these on-premises, enterprises may opt for a cloud-based solution from a telecom offering BroadWorks Powered by Zylinc.

Benefits for the telecom service providers

For its cloud-based solution, Zylinc employs a combination of BroadWorks Xtended API and standard SIP technology, simultaneously providing the telecom operator full control over third party access, optimum use of network resources, and access to additional advanced facilities on top of the telecom’s existing solutions.

With the combination of Zylinc’s and BroadSoft’s solutions, the telecom provider is able to offer the customers the possibility of buying hosted unified communications solutions in the cloud and this way get the full benefit of CaaS (Communication-as-a-Service) as well as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).


BroadSoft, Inc. is an American company listed on NASDAQ (ticker: BSFT). BroadSoft has over a period of ten years positioned itself, in collaboration with a large number of the leading telecoms in the world, as the leading provider of a standardized platform, BroadWorks, facilitating hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

BroadWorks Powered by Zylinc

The Zylinc portfolio of enhanced unified communications business solutions are fully integrated with the BroadWorks infrastructure and are executable on this platform.


Scale is a flexible IP telephony solution, offering functionality similar to a traditional PBX. TDC manages all technical and operational challenges on behalf of the customer who is not required to invest in hardware, software and expensive technicians.

Scale Powered by Zylinc

Scale provides users basic telephony facilities and functions. To enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, more advanced business solutions are required that effectively converges telephony with the enterprise’s other business systems. This is exactly what Zylinc does.