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Docrates about Zylinc Attendant Console

As Docrates was experiencing significant growth, the old communication system reached its limit. The Private Hospital in Helsinki which specialises in diagnosis, treatment, observation and medical examinations of cancer patients, changed to a modern telephone system and achieved immediately visible results.

With an increasing number of patients the number of telephone calls also increased, at the same time as the old communication system was no longer able to cope with the overload. This meant that over 10% of incoming calls were lost. Patients could not get through to make an appointment, and therefore we made it a priority to guarantee that they would find it easier to get through on the telephone when a new system was introduced.

Over a period of a couple of months the investment in Zylinc Attendant Console had paid for itself. It has been of the greatest importance to us that our clients get the best service when they call us said Ville Kanninen.

Flexibility is one of the most important criteria 

Because colleagues at Docrates, can change their place of work with up to 15 minute intervals when it is busy, the demands on the new system were that it should be flexible. Zylinc Attendant Console which has been developed by Zylinc and distributed by Vintor exactly fulfilled all the demands in the best possible way.  

In choosing the new telephone system individual adaptability and integration played a decisive part – the solution should be able to be adapted to the special conditions at Docrates. Patient services now have new functions at their disposal, such as queuing and information on attendance, it can give an overview of the situation and make the job of prioritising easier. For example when a queue is building up extra help can be called on quickly such as by using e-mail, and in this way there is quick reaction at peak periods.

The feedback which has come from the main users of the system has been particularly positive. The system is easy to use, and transferring calls goes much more smoothly than before. The opportunity to make reports makes my own work easier: I save time every single month by getting relevant data in the correct format, says head of IT Ville Kanninen from Docrates.

Lost calls have been reduced to a tenth of what they were before The new patient services system which is integrated with the Cisco communications system already there was brought into use in March 2011, and the results were immediately noticeable. Now only 1% of calls are lost, and these were caused by exceptional circumstances such as short peak periods and lack of resources due to patent services staff’s sickness absence. Because calls can be taken easily the improvement has been economically considerable.