Lync Server

Zylinc Attendant Console and Microsoft Lync Server

Zylinc Attendant Console is tailored to complement Microsoft Lync Server. An integration of the two solutions leads to a very flexible and advanced switchboard functionality from which the Enterprise can provide efficient customer management and communication. The integration enables the Microsoft Lync Server to act as switchboard, and employee presence becomes an integrated part of the switchboard, Zylinc Attendant Console.

In brief

The receptionist receives calls through Zylinc Attendant Console, which are being transferred via the Microsoft Lync Server to employees. This means that the Microsoft Lync Server is used as the carrying media; hence the conversation runs inside the Microsoft Lync Server that functions as PBX. Together the two solutions is a perfect match for Enterprises receiving many calls, and aiming to provide the best possible customer interaction and service.