Marvin UC i Centrex
- Now part of the Zylinc Group

Marvin, the leading Swedish cloud-based contact management and UC suite for Centrex and other virtual PBXs, has joined the Zylinc Group. The Marvin Zylinc Group is a leading international manufacturer of UC bridging a long range of traditional telecommunications solutions, SIP, Cisco, Skype-for-Business and other UC into a single platform.

Attendant Console Applications

The Marvin product line offers a powerful, easy-to-use solution for the professional Centrex attendant. Based on Windows and Computer Telephony Integration, it combines complex functionality with high usability to provide the ultimate attendant tool. A range of functions simplify and rationalise attendant tasks resulting in lower cost of operation, enhanced performance and increased availability for the business customer.

  • Marvin Switchboard Mini has basic attendant functions, queue status and function keys for fast action.
  • Marvin Enterprise Midi adds advanced functions, directory and messaging at a low cost.
  • Marvin Provider Maxi/Multi offers increased performance and cost-effective outsourcing for an unlimited number of companies.

Marvin Overview - Quick Summary

Technical Survey - Detailed Walkthrough

User Applications

  • Marvin Web - Company directory, messages, visitor and telephony administration on Internet or Intranet
  • Marvin Groupware - Synchronises Outlook/Exchange, Lync and/or Lotus Notes with Marvin’s directory, messaging and calendar
  • Marvin LDAP - Synchronises the directory with other databases. The Marvin directory can be accessed by any LDAP-client
  • Mobile apps - App to iOS and Android. Search the company directory, see colleagues´ presence and open or close the phone


Administration on the web - Includes basic system administration for setting up and control of licenses, supervison and maintenance of all software. Customers have access to extensive tools for self-adminstration of gui:s, directory data and license usage.

Hosted PBX- UC Software

  • Company Directories
  • Messaging: SMS and Mail
  • Attendant Software
  • Web Tools Calendar Sync
  • Active Directory Sync
  • MS Lync Integration
  • Smartphone Apps