Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank implements new Unified Communications solution from Zylinc improving its customer service and benefiting the employees of the bank.

As a consequence of transitioning to Microsoft CRM, Saxo Bank decided to implement the new ZyDesk ID-solution from Zylinc. Previously, the bank used its own developed system for dealing with its customer data and call center. After having decided to implement standard solutions only, it was discovered that in order to integrate with Microsoft CRM, Zylinc ID was the best available standard solution.

Saxo Bank already had positive experiences with another Unified Communications solution provided by Zylinc.

We were very pleased with the cooperation with Zylinc

- so it was obvious that we should have a closer look at their new solutions, says Saxo Bank IP-architect Bjørn Bo Klepsch, who is responsible for the company's implementation of IP-telephony.

"It was definitely a worthwhile investment, not only because of improved service to the customers and enhanced support to each employee, but also in purely economic terms"

Zylinc ID deals specifically with the problems we have in connection with our call center, namely calls direct to our sales representatives. Zylinc ID has been implemented in all of Saxo Bank's departments worldwide and is used by approx. 300 employees in sales and sales training.

- We needed a solution that was able to direct calls to the sales department's telephone number quickly, and precisely to those employees who know the customer's situation and needs, Bjørn Klepsch explains. But it was also important that that the solution could be integrated with our CRM system, so the employee can see the customer's data on the screen before he or she takes the call. For instance, if the call is from an investor who is interested in certain types of stocks or shares, the real time prices of these are automatically displayed.

If it is a customer who has previously contacted the bank with a specific question, the sales representative can immediately see what the inquiry was about and who dealt with it. Thus, it is possible to draw on both internal and external sources.

- Of course, for the customer this means a far better service, one that specifically addresses them and their specific needs. They get through to the right person faster and no longer need to provide account numbers and other details in order to be served. The sales representative can deal immediately with the customer's query and no longer has to ask for details that the bank already knows.

Zylinc ID is exactly the solution we need, both now and in the foreseeable future

All calls to a specific number are recognized instantly and sent by URL to our Microsoft CRM database. Then the system retrieves the customer data, locates the customer's personal advisor and the relevant data is displayed on the screen before the person answers the call. In this way, the employee knows with whom he is speaking and has an overview of any information he will need in order to offer the best advice and guidance to the customer.

Besides retrieving information from the database, Zylinc ID also triggers the collection of data in connection with the call, such as the time it began and ended, its duration, the topics covered, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to block certain functions, e.g. local calls, or send unknown calls directly to the bank's call center. If Zylinc ID does not recognize the number, the sales person can easily designate the caller as a new or potential customer depending on the circumstances.

This is an intelligent way of dealing with calls

- Bjørn Klepsch says. Based on the caller's telephone number the call can be directed to the right sales representative who can provide the optimum customer service since all relevant data is automatically available on the screen in front of him. Zylinc ID was installed at Saxo Bank in the beginning of the summer, and the experiences with the system have been positive.

"We have always had a good dialogue with Zylinc and are very happy with the advice we received as well as with the final result"

- Bjørn Klepsch states. The system is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft CRM and works without problems.

- It was definitely a worthwhile investment, not only because of improved service to the customers and enhanced support to each employee, but also in purely economic terms, although exact figures are still too early to estimate.

- Satisfied customers and good customer service are the be all and end all for a bank. Consequently, it is imperative that our people have the best tools at their disposal, and that they have with Zylinc ID, Bjørn Klepsch concludes.