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with Kenneth P. Morse and Patrick Scaglia

Kenneth P. Morse

About Kenneth P. Morse

Kenneth P. Morse is also a co-founder of 3Com Corporation, Aspen Technology, Inc., and four other MIT-related startups. He is Chairman of Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc., and Chair in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Competitiveness at Delft University of Technology (Nederland) and visiting professor at ESADE Business School (Spain).

Why Kenneth P. Morse joined Zylinc as a strategic adviser:

"Zylinc is one of the most promising early stage companies I have come across. The Company has already established itself as a highly profitable and viable venture with a unique value proposition. The Company has never been in red; it has no debt and never received any external funding. This is rarely seen, and is the hallmark of a World Class Management Team. Rene and Thomas have done it before, and they know how to achieve global success. They are an "A" team with an "A" idea.

A company with great potential

Zylinc addresses the accelerating pain of enterprises: How to boost the effectiveness of customer service while saving costs. For many companies today, delivering effective customer service is now more than ever the most important strategic differentiator. Zylinc enables enterprises to align the entire organization around one mission: Providing the best customer service possible.

The Company has great potential: A global market of more than 100 million private and public enterprise workers with a strong need for and budgets to buy the Company's solutions. Instant access to accurate and relevant information, at the time a transaction takes place, is the key to providing good customer service. By converging information and communication technologies in a new and more efficient way, Zylinc enables just that, better and cheaper than anybody else in the marketplace.

Zylinc's solutions help maximize value from each customer

The benefit in terms of hard savings is significantly increased enterprise worker productivity, providing a dramatic return on investment. Zylinc's solutions also help maximize value from each customer by enabling all enterprise workers to deliver personalized and expedient service, building customer loyalty.

Zylinc enables enterprises to make better use of their large investments in existing infrastructure, independently of whichever vendor supplies it. I particularly like the fact that Zylinc's solutions offer low risk and easy implementation, and that Zylinc is "non-invasive" compared to existing technology infrastructures. With a clear value proposition and agnostic systems architecture, any responsible enterprise executive will want to evaluate Zylinc's solution."

Patrick Scaglia

About Patrick Scaglia

Mr. Scaglia is a Consultant and Technology Advisor to  Startup Ventures. He is the founder of the Foundry@CITRIS (Berkeley, California),  a startup incubator providing entrepreneurs with resources to build companies that make a significant impact on the world.  Mr. Scaglia’s areas of initiative include healthcare, biosystems, robotics, Cloud, mobility and semiconductor. He was the founding Director of the Center for Research in Energy Systems Transformation at UC Berkeley, working at the intersection of Public Policy, Business models and Technology. Previously, Mr. Scaglia was a senior executive at Hewlett Packard, serving as CTO across multiple HP Business units including Imaging and Printing, Cloud and mobile platforms. 

Before HP, Mr Scaglia held executive and leadership positions at Evans & Sutherland, Cadence Design Systems and Alcatel-Lucent. He is a member of  the  Board of Directors of Audience, the leader in advanced voice and audio processing for mobile devices and, a Cloud platform for business applications. He also served on  several advisory boards including the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, the College of Engineering Executive Advisory Board at the University of California Berkeley,the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, the National Science Foundation Directorate for Computer Information Science and Engineering.