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Zylinc Contact Center

Customers will get the best service!

I the external hotline in Sydbank takes the customers and their needs seriously and has a phone solution making this possible. 

In Sydbank the external hotline handles phone calls from respectively private and business customers having problems with the bank’s self-service systems. Since the bank’s previous supplier withdrew their product from the market, Sydbank in 2011 choose to work with Zylinc on the development of a new system.

This was the launch of Zylinc Contact Center, which has been running in Sydbank since spring 2012 and is now sold and used by many customers in Europe. 

Customer service has high priority, so Zylinc Contact Center has come to include many features that help deliver high level service, explains Carsten Toftegaard, Head of Department in Sydbank and responsible for the external hotline