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Zylinc Service Center makes it possible for Sydbanks customer service to handle approximately 100.000 calls a month

Sydbank is Denmark’s fourth largest financial institution and customer service is extremely important to the bank. As a result, the bank decided to expand their cooperation with Zylinc to improve their results.

”We were in the market for a new telephone system but wanted something more than just a switchboard system. We wanted a completely new set of functions because our customers were beginning to request different kinds of services. In addition, we were looking for a flexible system that could be developed further” says Joan Mai, manager of Sydbank’s Customer Service department.

Sydbank therefore contacted Zylinc

”We were already using Zylinc Contact Center’s support line and hotline functions – Sydbank actually participated in the development of this product. Therefore, we already knew that Zylinc was adept at developing products based on our needs inSydbank” Joan Mai explains.

A targeted development process soon followed, during which Sydbank and Zylinc identified the bank’s specific needs: How should the telephonic customer service be delivered? Based upon these results, Zylinc specifically tailored its development to Sydbank’s needs. The result was Zylinc Service Center, which is a hybrid between a switchboard system and a contact center system. Sydbank implemented the system while Zylinc kept an ongoing process perfecting the functions. 

Quick and competent customer

“We are very pleased with Zylinc Service Center, whichenables us to realize the bank’s strategic approach of putting the customer in focus so we in turn can solve their problems quickly” says Joan Mai.

This is all made possible by the fact that Zylinc Service Center contains a wealth of information that makes iteasy to serve the calling customers.

”When a Customer Service agent answers an incoming call, Zylinc Service Center automatically retrieves information about the customer calling, based on their phone number. So the Customer Service agent knows immediately who the customer is, who their personal advisor is, as well as their call history.”
”When a customer calls us, we always try to help them in the first go. If this is not possible, Zylinc Service Center makes it easy to transfer the call or alternativelys ee if a specific employee is in a meeting. If this is the case, the Customer Service agent can quickly look in the calendar of the employee in question and book a call back appointment” explains Joan Mai.

Overview and flexibility

Sydbank provides customer service from several locations around the country.

Zylinc Service Center distributes all incoming calls into one queue based on location. All Customer Service agents in that given location answer the calls from their respective queue.”

In addition, Zylinc Service Center alsoincreases flexibility

”If there is an incoming call queue in one location, Zylinc Service Center enables the other Customer Service departments around the country to assist their colleagues and provide service to the customers, eliminating unnecessary waiting time” says Joan Mai.

The customer is helped by the first employee that answers their call


”The call flow in Zylinc Service Center works by automatically sending all incoming calls to the company or department main lines directly to Customer Service.The same applies to incoming calls made directly to an employee: if their line is busy, their call forwarding is activated or there is no answer after a few seconds, the call will be sent to Customer Service where they have been trained to answer the most frequently occurring customer questions. In this way, the customer is serviced immediately,” explains Joan Mai.

Sydbank aims for constant availability and for the customerto have their needs met by the employee answering their call. This is the case in approx. 65 % of all calls.

Proper use of the bank’s resourcesand the realization of their strategy

”By using Zylinc Service Center, we can provide good customer service and utilize our internal resources properly. Customer Service is a strategic focus area for Sydbank. Zylinc Service Center makes it possible to act in accordance with this strategy,” concludes Joan Mai, manager of Sydbank’s Customer Service.

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Sydbank is Denmark’s fourth largest financial institution,with a branch network covering the majority of Denmark. The Bank’s organizational philosophy is rooted in customer needs and based on a broad delegation of competence and decision-making power in the customer-oriented entities. Sydbank is headquartered in Aabenraa and has approx. 100 branches spread across most of Denmark. Sydbank has approx. 2,000 employees.