- a flexible IP telephony solution, offering functionality similar to a traditional PBX


Scale is a flexible IP telephony solution, offering functionality similar to a traditional PBX. TDC manages all technical and operational challenges on behalf of the customer who is not required to invest in hardware, software and expensive technicians.

Scale is cloud-based; this means that users access the solution as a service via the web.

Scale provides enterprise customers the opportunity for a well-functioning hosted IP solution. TDC is the host taking care of implementation and operation. The customer is relieved of the burden of installing and operating the equipment and software on-premises with all implications in terms of investments, technical challenges, maintenance, etc. 

With Scale the customer pays for the exact functionality and volume as needed – no more, no less. The Scale solution can be easily expanded or reduced and precisely adjusted to the actual needs.

Scale includes full integration of mobile phones. Mobiles are integrated as local extensions, and employees with both an IP and a mobile phone has the same extension number on both phones.

The TDC Scale solution can be managed by the customer via TDC’s self-service desk

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Scale Powered by Zylinc

Scale provides users basic telephony facilities and functions. To enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, more advanced business solutions are required that effectively converges telephony with the enterprise’s other business systems. This is exactly what Zylinc does.

Through many years Zylinc has delivered business solutions to enterprises with on-premises unified communications solutions. We will continue pursuing this business as some enterprises prefer to do things that way, even though it is demanding in terms of resources, investments and technical staff.

Zylinc’s business solutions can now be delivered by TDC in combination with Scale. This way, enterprises are provided easy and quick access to advanced unified communications solutions enhancing competitive position and business performance.

Scale Powered by Zylinc enables a transformation of the business that places humans over processes. The enterprise workforce is empowered to increase productivity and respond faster to market changes, while customer loyalty and retention is facilitated through improved service at lower costs.

With Scale Powered by Zylinc the enterprise pays precisely for the functionality needed, and only for the number of users required.