- strategic choice 
for Toyota

Zylinc Mobile Operator

- a strategic choice for Toyota Danmark

Toyota Danmark has chosen ZyMobile Operator as a strategic product enabling the company to benefit from having introduced the iPhone as a company phone.

"Toyota Danmark is a company that uses technology to achieve flexibility and business benefits. For that reason Toyota Danmark implemented iPhone as company phone in July 2011. Toyota Danmark wanted to provide all the functionality that employees knew from fixed line, to their mobile phones.

To meet this request Toyota Danmark late summer 2012 made an agreement with Zylinc to be test-company on the Zylinc product ZyMobile Operator, which gathers a lot of company information and "pushes" it out to all cell phones.

Zylinc Attendant Console

- it worked from day 1!

When Toyota Danmark was facing the challenge of getting a new switchboard the daily users- the receptionists - were involved. The result was ZyCall Switch, a product that fulfills the expectations and needs among Toyota Danmark’s approx. 85 employees.

Operating the attendant console in Toyota’s reception is so easy that the receptionists do not hesitate – or fear! –leaving the operation to others, if for instance the receptionists have to attend a meeting. The secret behind the success is user involvement.

Thorough preparation

When the Toyota Danmark management decided to get a new switchboard, receptionist Lene Kriepke was involved.  

"We had a great cooperation with our IT department. Combining their vast knowledge on technology and the reception’s hands-on experience was strong”, Lene Kripke tells"