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Zylinc Attendant Console

Zylinc Attendant Console is designed, tested and improved in cooperation with a handful of the country’s most experienced receptionists. The rest is just technique. 

The attendant console is the company’s face to the world. It is crucial that customers are served quickly and efficiently. 

At the same time, it is important that the attendant console is a user-friendly tool for the receptionists. 

That’s why Zylinc Attendant Console is developed in cooperation with experienced receptionists. 

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  • Integrating mail, text messages and instant messaging. 
  • Real-time calendar updating and unique search feature, enabling the receptionist to search for indivi dual employees as well as specific competences across the company. 
  • Personal greetings, presenting the receptionist using his/her own recorded voice. 
  • Web-based statistics and reporting system, enabling the company to track status on call-handling. 
  • Monitored call-handling, providing the receptionist full control over waiting, served, and returned calls. 
  • Extended control enabling the receptionist to withdraw calls. 
  • Based on the newest SIP technology, Zylinc Attendant Console integrates to all types of PBX’s & IP phone systems. 
  • See status on the company’s chat clients, soft phones, IP phones and cell phones. 
  • Opening and closing hours based on calendars with several options on overflow and messages.
Improved customer service

Zylinc Attendant Console has a web-based statistics and reporting system, making it easy to track status on call-handling. Also the system highlight areas to focus on in order to improve the company’s customer service. 

Faster response time

Zylinc Attendant Console makes it easier to collaborate when the company has more receptionists. They are provided a continuous overview of each other’s availability and can relieve each other at breaks or long call queues. This gives the customers a significantly shorter response time.

Bring the attendant console with you!

The receptionist can use an integrated SIP telephone, handling the attendant console, using pc keyboard and head-set, IP telephone control or cell phone control. This enables the receptionist to work anywhere, using either cell phone or pc. 

Full integration

Zylinc Attendant Console functions as a stand-alone solution. You can obtain more benefits and create synergy by implementing other Zylinc solutions, enabling the enterprise to communicate efficiently and provide the best customer service possible.

Find the right employee – every time!


With real-time calendar updates and a unique search feature, the receptionist can search for both individual employees and competences across the company. This enables the receptionist to find and transfer calls to the employee best suited for answering the customer’s call.

It worked from day 1!

Quote: Lene Kriepke, receptionist Toyota Denmark

Supported platforms
BroadSoft Inc. - førende leverandør af BroadWorks
  • BroadWorks
Cisco - the worldwide leader in networking
  • Communication Manager
  • Unified Presence & Jabber

Microsoft - Verdens førende virksomhed inden for software



  • Business Trunks
  • Direct SIP
  • Q-Sig or ISDN through SIP Gateway
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Google Calendar