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Zylinc Eventboard

Meeting room overviews do not have to be static or impractical.

Zylinc Eventboard is a tablet application that shows meeting room availability and enables direct booking on the tablet.

Zylinc Eventboard has several functions: It turns the tablet into an overview of a certain meeting room’s availability, typically placed outside the door.

Zylinc Eventboard becomes the place to extend meetings that don’t stop as planned or end meetings that are shorter than expected.

Using Zylinc Eventboard, employees and guests get a complete overview of activities of the day in all meeting rooms, easily and welcoming.

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  • Detailed information on the screen about current and upcoming meetings
  • Book meeting rooms directly from the tablet
  • Extend or end meetings directly on the screen
  • Get an overview of the availability of other meeting rooms
  • Returns to standard layout when the screen isn’t used
  • Supports all recent browsers
  • Browser based and can be used from any standard pc (desktop or notebook), letting other departments inspect, control and book meeting rooms
  • Works with iOS and Android tablets
  • Meeting rooms are created in the company calendar
Meeting room not available!
Supported platforms



  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Google Calendar
  • Novell GroupWise