Ses who
is calling!

Get relevant data automatically
or start up the CRM system!

Zylinc ID

Zylinc ID is a server-based solution, which – based on the caller’s number – can do a look up in e.g. the company CRM system and display relevant information such as name, company, department, and address.

This gives the employee all information needed, even before answering the phone.

Zylinc ID saves time and lets you provide even better customer service.

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  • Information when you need it
  • You never again have to answer a call “blindly”
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Improves customer service
  • Ideal add-on to call center applications
  • Choose which information to display on the screen
  • Adjustable to individual needs
  • Simple workflow, automatic starting of e.g. CRM and other systems
  • Internal company business cards
  • Easy adjustment to CRM systems, yellow and white pages
  • Easy integration to portals, helpdesk applications and existing databases

Get information automatically

Zylinc ID integrates with the company’s internal business cards, CRM, helpdesk, white and yellow pages and other portals.

Zylinc ID reduces the time needed to find relevant information related to a call. Zylinc ID gives you information when you need it – that is, efore you answer the phone.

A part of the Zylinc suite

Zylinc ID is a part of the Zylinc suite and can be used as stand-alone or integrated with one or more of the other applications: Zylinc Operator, Zylinc Time and Zylinc Attendant Console.

Together the products form a solution that enables the company to provide optimal service based on customer history.