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Zylinc Time

Studies show that more than every third call is in vain. This is a costly waste of time, but is easy to avoid, if employees’ calendars, appointments, messages etc. are more accessible. 

Zylinc Time transforms every company pc to a communications center, from which you can search for

individual employees, availability, groups, departments and much more. 

This gives a complete overview of the various types of resources in the company, creating easier and more efficient collaboration.

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Save time
  • When you are looking for colleagues and checking if they are available in calendar, on chat or cell phone. 
  • When you are scheduling meetings, entering absence etc. 
  • When you are handling all your contact tasks, because you can adjust Zylinc Time to your needs with individual interface, adjustable hotkeys etc. 
  • Because Zylinc Time is easy to learn and intuitive to use.
Ansence Function

The absence function is a PC-based update of your status, based on a minimal number of entries from adjustable standard events that quickly and easily can be selected on the keyboard. 

Zylinc Time will then update the calendar and potentially forward calls to a colleague or operator. 

Collaboration tool

Zylinc Time is a collaboration tool, collecting data from the entire company into your pc – data in the form of calendars, appointments and meetings, giving you a complete overview of who is available, already before you place a call. 

This makes it easier to schedule meetings, make calls, send emails or enter tasks in your own or your colleagues’ calendars.

A part of the Zylinc suite

Zylinc Time is a part of the Zylinc suite and can be used as stand-alone or integrated with one or more of the other applications: Zylinc Attendant Console, Contact Center and Zylinc Service Center.

Together these products form a solution that enables the company to improve collaboration and increase the employees’ availability towards each other. 

Supported platforms
BroadSoft Inc. - førende leverandør af BroadWorks
  • BroadWorks
Cisco - the worldwide leader in networking
  • Communication Manager
  • Unified Presence & Jabber

Microsoft - Verdens førende virksomhed inden for software


  • Business Trunks
  • Direct SIP
  • Q-Sig or ISDN through SIP Gateway
  • Microsoft Exchange 
  • IBM Lotus Notes 
  • Google Calendar