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Zylinc Forwarding

Based on calendar data, internal rules or directly from the phone.

Far too often calls are lost or directed to the wrong person due to a lack of an efficient forwarding solution.

Also employees have to spend time trying to locate colleagues or trying to figure out when they are available.

This creates an inefficient workday, wasting valuable time and results in insufficient service, where customers are put on hold for a long time or are connected to the wrong person.

Using Zylinc Forwarding you get a faster and more precise forwarding of calls, as it is based on calendar data, internal rules or set directly from the phone.

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By integrating Zylinc Forwarding in the company’s IP telephony solution, you gain a number of tangible benefits:

  • Zylinc Forwarding makes sure that calls are always answered or forwarded to the right person.
  • Zylinc Forwarding results in fewer misplaced or lost calls, because precise rules direct and forward all calls
  • Zylinc Forwarding is reducing time needed to find colleagues and forward calls
  • Zylinc Forwarding forwards calls to fixed line phones as well as to mobile phones
  • Zylinc Forwarding is the key to better customer service, because customers get immediate service from the right persons
Spoken Absence

Apart from precise forwarding of calls, Zylinc Forwarding also comes with a Spoken Absence function, that will prevent customers from ever calling in vain. If a customer calls to an employee who is absent - the person might be in a meeting or on vacation - the call will have been in vain. With the Spoken Absence function, the customer will be informed of the employees absence and return. Depending on the configuration, the customer can choose to be switched to a reception or leave a message to the employee.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Domino
  • Google Calendar
Telephony Integration
  • BroadSoft BroadWorks
  • Cisco Call Manager

The intelligent forwarding strengthens communication and cooperation within the company and with the world outside, and secures that calls are always forwarded to the right person in time. Zylinc Forwarding forwards call to both fixed line phones and cell phones.

Fast and precise

Using Zylinc Forwarding in the company telephony solution, the users get a faster and more precise forwarding of calls based on calendar data, internal rules or directly from the IP telephone.

Forwarding is possible as:
  • Standard manual forwarding
  • Automatic calendar-based forwarding
  • Permanent forwarding