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Third-party hardware and software – impact on Zylinc support

Zylinc solutions integrate with numerous third-party hardware and software providers. Some of the third-party software is essential to the core operation, for example operating systems and databases. Other third-party software is needed to implement additional features, for example chat. Third-party hardware, like phones or headsets, can also play a great role in a Zylinc solution.

To guarantee a fully working solution, Zylinc closely follows the release cycles of the third-party hardware and software vendors. Zylinc will not support integration to third-party hardware or software that’s no longer supported by the respective vendor. This also applies to hardware and software that isn’t directly used in the Zylinc solution as such, but can be used as tools that support the general use of the Zylinc solution, for example Microsoft Excel.

No warranties

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