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Your reliable customer service platform that’s easy to maintain

Get ready to empower your business with Zylinc Cloud’s reliable customer service platform that means you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time adding value to your business.

What is Zylinc Cloud?

Cloud based switchboard and contact center solutions

Zylinc Cloud is a microservices based application in Azure that helps companies of all sizes process their incoming communication. Over twenty years of switchboard know how is built into the design of Zylinc Cloud, meaning you get a user interface that provides seamless call handling, a clear overview of employee availability and optimal search.

We want to develop customer-centric products, at the cutting edge of technology and at the forefront of market trends

Ninet Richardt, Head of Product Management, Zylinc

The basics

How do I get started with Zylinc?

Zylinc is flexible, so you can pick and choose a solution that works for you.

1. Base Solution

With Zylinc Tenant license you configure your solution to fit your needs.

2. Agent Types

Select the agent types relevant for your organization.

3. Customize

Add integrations and other functionality.

Tenant & configuration

The foundation of your solution

The tenant license offers administrators the possibility to access the configuration manager web application, where the solution can be configured to fit the customer’s needs for a unique call-handling solution. The main tenant features:

  • Directory import and synchronization
  • Queue features
  • IVR menu
  • Agent groups
  • Agent configuration
  • SIP trunk configuration
  • Statistics
  • Wallboards
  • GDPR tool
  • URL integration

A tenant will always be part of the Zylinc Cloud solution, for the administrator to configure the solution. 

Voice queues & IVR

Build a call flow for your business

The tenant includes configuration of voice queues & IVR’s, where you can customise the settings to meet your business service goals. The main voice queue and IVR features:

  • Callback
  • Digit collect
  • Caller look up
  • CRM/URL pop up
  • Announcements
  • Automatic opening hours
  • Skill based routing
  • Open API
  • Historical routing

Voice queues & IVR is part of the tenant license and will always be provided.

Choose your agent profile

Select agent profiles depending on your organizational needs.

Voice Agent

Get easy call handling and colleague overview
Pass calls around your organisation, monitor queues, and get an overview of which colleagues are available on mobile, telephone or soft phone. Access to Voice Agent is though both web and mobile applications.
For who?
Users that monitor queues and receive high volumes of incoming calls, that need to search the entire organization and transfer calls to the right people.

Simple Agent

Make anyone an agent
Simple Agent allows anyone to become an agent on a queue via mobile, telephone or soft phone. It also includes a callback feature to automatically call back the customer when the agent is free.
For who?
Secondary agents, remote workers, staff in warehouses or anyone who wants queuing functionality on their incoming calls, without having to transfer them or use an application to handle calls.

Important note:
Simple Agent does not support transferring calls.

Supervisor Agent

Monitor company performance
Understand your company’s performance when it comes to call volume and time spans regarding queues, agents and how they’re working. You can also drill down on key parameters to gain further performance insights. Supervisor Agent allows the supervisor to monitor other agents on the tenant.

Features include:
– Alter work mode and state
– Control agent queue permissions
– Listen in
– Barge in
– Whisper
– Statistics across agents
For who?
Supervisors, managers, and company owners who are interested in monitoring the company’s customer service level and the individual performance of specific agents.

Want more details?

Zylinc Help Center

Always help at hand

Zylinc Cloud is simple and intuitive making onboarding new employees and updating current users easy.

The built in help center is embedded in the interface so you’ll always be able to find the help you need, when you need it including:

  • Release notes
  • User guides – both interactive and static
  • Feature descriptions


See the results!

We offer a variety of dashboards that illustrate your company’s performance across the entire tenant. Using Elasticsearch you can drill down on specific dates and calls to understand the ”how and why” of your company’s current performance. Our dashboards cover:

  • The entire tenant
  • Queues
  • Agents
  • Work mode reasons
  • Call reasons
  • Messaging

Take a deep dive into your data

Activity data

This dashboard displays overall call statistics for the tenant, including all inbound and outbound communication for all queues. You can, for instance, easily identify high load on the queues.

Metrics include: average queue time, talk time, call duration and speed of answer. Furthermore, a full call log for the chosen period is provided.

Queue statistics

This dashboard is a more detailed view of the tenant’s call data, with specific call data for each queue. Here you can track the service level for each queue and easily identify high load.

Metrics include: number of calls received directly or indirectly, average waiting time, maximum waiting time, maximum calls in queue.

Call reason codes

This dashboard is a detailed view of the tenant’s call data, where call data is grouped under a specific ‘call reason code’ chosen by the agent for each call.

Statistics for each ‘reason code’ e.g. “complaint” during a specific time period will be shown, with metrics about which queues it has been applied to, the number of calls, the average queue time and average talk time.

Call overview statistics

Vector graphic of no thumbnail symbol

Agent statistics & supervisor agent statistics

These dashboards are a detailed view of the tenants call data per agent. A Supervisor agent can view statistics on all agents and a non-supervisor agent can only view statistics on themselves.

The overall agent performance can be displayed along with the main metrics including number of calls handled, average answer time and average talk time.

Vector graphic of no thumbnail symbol

Work modes statistics

This dashboard is a detailed view of the tenant’s agent state data where each agent’s work state and associated inactive work mode codes are displayed.

A timeline for the different agent work modes is available. Furthermore, metrics for each agent’s active minutes, inactive minutes, standby minutes and total time logged on are provided.

Vector graphic of no thumbnail symbol

Messaging data log

This dashboard shows a list of all email and SMS messages that have been sent out from the tenants Zylinc Cloud services and details including info about sender, recipient and subject and content of the messages.


Compare your performance in real time!

To support your agents, we provide wallboards that show your current performance. Wallboards cover your SLA, calls in queue, agent availability  and the agents currently staffing the queue, along with other data points. Wallboards is part of the tenant license and will always be provided.

Add ons

Take your solution further

Enrich and customize your solution with add on functionality that can either be set on user or tenant level.

User level

  • Salesforce App Integration for quick customer overview that optimizes every agent’s workflow
  • Call Handling API that allows for partial integration of Zylinc Call handling into CRM systems – such as ServiceNow

Tenant level

  • NPS Survey that allows for surveying the customer, and presenting the results in both dashboard and the agent call card when the customer calls again
  • PowerBI integration, in order to export all our call data to PowerBI for more customizable reports and dashboards
  • Call Recording storage up to 2 years before deletion.
  • Stay tuned for more!

The Ideas Portal

Your voice counts

We always listen to your feedback. In fact, 50% of new features are directly based on customer feedback via Zylinc’s Ideas Portal. This is a direct line from our users to our development where you can suggest ideas to improve the client.

We have weekly meetings to assess your ideas and users will always be informed if your idea will become a part of Zylinc’s roadmap.

Inside the Ideas Portal you get the opportunity to

  • Filter your ideas
  • Vote on ideas
  • Create new ideas
  • Follow others ideas
  • Get notifications when the status changes
  • Direct contact to the product management team
  • Have a dialogue with Zylinc to fully express your needs

Got an idea for Zylinc Cloud?

Data protection

Data in Zylinc Cloud is being processed in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is processed subject to a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) between the end-customer of Zylinc and Zylinc based on the official EU-approved template issued by the Danish Data Protection Agency (“Datatilsynet”).

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Looking for the right solution for you?

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