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With Zylinc Cloud’s user-friendly interface, agents can quickly get an overview of your customer’s details and call history to deliver the best service.

Simple and intuitive, Zylinc makes everyone a customer service expert in no time!

“49 % of all businesses and public organizations will choose cloud-based contact center solutions before 2025”

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Contact center features

Easy-to-use agent view powered by integration to your favourite systems e.g. Salesforce or Zendesk.
Powerful statistics ensure data driven management and let you stay on top of performance in your organisation.


Local team management

Monitor calls with ease using Zylinc’s intuitive solution. Listen, whisper, and barge into calls for training purposes and optimization. 

Additionally access an agent overview across various queues. Keep management by logging agents in and out all within our simple interface.


Track your performance in real time

To support your agents, we provide wallboards that show your current performance. Wallboards cover your SLA, calls waiting in queue, agent availability  and the agents currently staffing the queue, along with other data points. Wallboards is part of the tenant license and will always be provided.


Feedback makes the difference

Achieve instant insights from your customers. SMS-driven surveys make it easy. Agents gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction, enabling personalized interactions that foster loyalty. Make every interaction count, create memorable experiences.

Zylinc Service Center automatically retrieves information about the customer so the agent immediately knows who the customer is and who their personal advisor is and what their call history is like.

Joan Mai, Customer Service Manager, Sydbank

Make data driven decisions

Activity data

This dashboard displays overall call statistics for the tenant, including all inbound and outbound communication for all queues. You can, for instance, easily identify high load on the queues.
Metrics include: average queue time, talk time, call duration and speed of answer. Furthermore, a full call log for the chosen period is provided.

Queue statistics

This dashboard is a more detailed view of the tenant’s call data, with specific call data for each queue. Here you can track the service level for each queue and easily identify high load.
Metrics include: number of calls received directly or indirectly, average waiting time, maximum waiting time, maximum calls in queue.

Call reason codes

This dashboard is a detailed view of the tenant’s call data, where call data is grouped under a specific ‘call reason code’ chosen by the agent for each call.
Statistics for each ‘reason code’ e.g. “complaint” during a specific time period will be shown, with metrics about which queues it has been applied to, the number of calls, the average queue time and average talk time.

Agent statistics & Supervisor agent statistics

These dashboards are a detailed view of the tenant’s call data per agent. A Supervisor agent can view statistics on all agents. A non-supervisor agent can only view statistics on themselves.

The overall agent performance can be displayed along with the main metrics including number of calls handled, average answer time and average talk time.

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