HOFOR optimizes feedback with Zylinc NPS

HOFOR provides multiple municipalities in the areas surrounding Copenhagen with drinking water and district heating – and invests in renewable energy. Read how HOFOR gained insight into their customers’ feedback with Zylinc NPS.


HOFOR is responsible for water supplies and for diverting waste and rainwater away in eight municipalities: Albertslund, Brøndby, Dragør, Herlev, Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Rødovre and Vallensbæk.

HOFOR also supplies Copenhagen with district heating, city gas and district cooling and are working on several wind turbine projects both in and outside Copenhagen. HOFOR owns Amagerværket which produces electricity and district heating.

The challenge:

HOFOR’s Customer Service has previously been using a customer satisfaction solution where a system would call the customers after an interaction. The response rate was not particularly high, so HOFOR wanted a more efficient and user-friendly solution to measure customer satisfaction and feedback.

The solution: Zylinc NPS

HOFOR’s Customer Service has now implemented NPS (Net Promoter Score) for their Zylinc system. With NPS they now achieve a more precise and instant measurement of customer satisfaction without having to disturb customers by calling them.

Simple way to provide your opinion

Instead of calling the customer, the NPS system sends an sms with a quick survey immeditately after a conversation with Customer Service. This provides HOFOR with direct feedback from the customers without having them do a great effort. This has lead to a significantly higher response-rate. Previously the rate has been at 3 % but with Zylinc NPS it has risen to 15.8 %.
HOFOR’s Customer Service now has experienced a Net Promoter Score between 63 and 93 which equals a great customer satisfaction. Moreover, HOFOR gets to learn about this instantly.

HOFOR’s Customer Service and Zylinc NPS has proven to be the perfect combination for creating a better customer experience – and for creating success

Customer Service employees use the feedback to reach out to customers whose comments need follow-up. This has helped clear up misunderstandings and improve communication in general.

The customer feedback has great value and is being shared with employees – and this way, comments help increase motivation.

NPS allows customers to rate their experience and provide specific comments. This gives valuable insight and helps HOFOR’s Customer Service understand where they may be able to improve service as well as which part their customers truly appreciate.

The employees in the Costumer Service uses the feedback by getting in contact with the costumers.


With Zylinc NPS, HOFOR’s Customer Service has revolutionized their feedback process. Having obtained a higher level of participation and customer satisfaction, HOFOR has gained valuable insight into their customer’s needs and expectations.  The simple user-friendly approach to providing feedback has helped ensure a lasting positive customer experience that further enhance customer service.

HOFOR’s Customer Service and Zylinc NPS has proven to be the perfect combination for creating a better customer experience – and for creating success.

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