Norli Liv & Pension

Improved stability in the connection has created greater security for employees. Easier call handling and implementation with the browser-based solution.

The Challenge

  • Problems with frequent dropouts: Users experienced being interrupted in the middle of the conversation.
  • Challenge with the sound quality during the calls where headsets often lost connection.
  • Uncertainty about being available to customers, due to an insecure system and connection.

The Solution

Zylinc has given Norli Liv & Pension a secure connection with the Cloud solution, and the company is experiencing an improvement in the quality of their conversations.

From the start of the implementation, the company has been happy, as it took 8 working days over the New Year, when the solution was implemented smoothly in collaboration with our partner Rackpeople.

With Zylinc, Norli Liv & Pension experiences flexibility and stability with the connection in Zylinc Cloud and is no longer nervous about frequent losses of connection.

Norli Liv & Pension also uses the data from the Zylinc Cloud statistics module to track performance and optimize service.

Norli Liv & Pension

Norli Liv og Pension is a Danish pension company and the only company that offers new customers traditional pension savings as part of their pension scheme.

They were founded in 1986 as part of Alm. Brand Group and was formerly Alm. Brand Life and Pension. In the spring of 2022, new owners changed name to Norli Liv og Pension.

Today, they are part of Nordic I&P which focuses on pension insurance across the Nordics and they aim to be the market leader in traditional pension savings.

Steen, Head of Customer Service at Norli Liv & Pension

“The calm you have to expect from your connection has returned to everyday life”

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