Vallensbæk Municipality

Achieved ease for the receptionist to search for available colleagues as well as see the full calendar overview.

The Challenge

  • Problems with being able to see the availability of colleagues, when transferring incoming inquiries.

  • Missing shortcut keys to optimize the search, among departments in the company.

  • The receptionist overview lacked the necessary collective overview.

The Solution

With Zylinc Cloud, the municipality now has a better overview than when they first went live with the original version of the solution. There have been functions that the municipality, in collaboration with Zylinc, has adapted to their needs.

They now have an overview that makes it clear for the receptionist to search for available colleagues as well as see the full calendar overview and quickly find specific departments with a single click.

The Zylinc solution also makes it possible to save colleagues as favourites, and thus transfer calls quick and easy.

The municipality describes Zylinc as a supplier at eye level, because there is good cooperation in adapting the solution based on the specific needs of the user of the solution.

With the Cloud solution from Zylinc, a new functionality has been created in everyday life that does not require physical support on the platform.

Vallensbæk Municipality

Vallensbæk is a suburban municipality of Copenhagen.

It is a workplace for 1,300 employees and managers with many different professional groups, who handle many different functions.
The municipality receives around 4,000 incoming calls, divided through the many departments.
They have full focus on the core task being a part of a community with one important, common mission: Namely to serve the citizens and realize their goals.

“The search and the overview of the calendar make more sense because you can see the whole picture at once.
This makes it easy to click through to the one you need.

Pia, works as a receptionist in Vallensbæk Municipality receives between 50-100 calls a day.
She describes how the search function has been made easy for her with the receptionist view in the Zylinc solution. It has become more manageable for her to search for colleagues with a few clicks, which optimizes her working time and allows her to focus on the citizens who contact her, rather than having to deal with a complicated IT system.


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