Brd. Klee A/S

Improvement in transfering incoming calls. The overall overview of the calendar and availability on several platforms creates an efficient handling of incoming inquiries.

The Challenge

  • Trouble in transferring incoming inquiries as the call was cut off if the transfer faced issues.
  • Not saving data in the system, and challenging the IT security for the company.
  • Trouble with lacking overview of colleagues when receiving inquiries and with transferring the customer to the right person.

The Solution

Zylinc has made it easy for the company to transfer incoming calls.

The overall overview of employee calendars and availability on several platforms create an efficient handling of the incoming inquiries.

The need to divide many departments in the company is made easy with the option to create keywords, where the receptionist quickly can search for the nearest employee with the required skills.

Brd. Klee A/S

Brd. Klee Ingeniør- og Handelsaktieselskab was founded in 1944. They offer technical solutions, components and semi-finished products for Danish industry.

The company employs approximately 70 employees, almost half of whom are employed in the sales department with service and guidance of customers as a primary area of ​​responsibility. In addition, there are out-of-town sales consultants that customers can contact.

Lina, Receptionist at Brd. Klee A/S, handles incoming inquiries and expresses the optimization she experiences using Zylinc Cloud:

“Zylinc provides an overview that makes it easy to see the status of colleages and transfer calls. ”

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