Liberation Technology
- LT is the new IT

Welcome to Zylinc.
We develop open, scalable Unified Communications Solutions, attendant console, contact center, mobile presence and solutions for both desktops and phones. We call it Liberation Technology. That sounds more new than it actually is. In fact, we are just delivering the promise that should always be the goal of communication. Namely, enabling people, enterprises and opportunities to be free.


Don't change IT system

Change your Attendant Console, contact center and mobile applications
-Without any fuss and without changing IT systems, customer data
or external sources.

Are you ready to change?

If the Attendant Console does not work, there is a lack in the rest of the company.
Get a complete Attendant Console, so you can handle the entire company's
calls easily, quickly and efficiently.

We have had
leading experts
on the case

Zylinc Attendant Console is designed, tested and improved in cooperation
with a handful of the country's most experienced receptionists.
The rest is just technique ..

In the old days
we called it a folder

Zylinc Mobile Operator is an app for android and iOS, so you can bring
your calendar, business cards, status information and updated appoint-
ment anywhere.
A bit more intelligent than a folder. And slightly smaller.

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"The investment in Zylinc Attendant Console has paid for itself already within a few months"

says Ville Kanninen, Docrates Hospital Helsinki. Read the case here